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Magento has never been one to rest on its laurels and the first major update on the Magento 2 platform is proof of this. Complete with a new scope of useful key features and capabilities, the ecommerce process can be made faster, easier and generally more enjoyable for both shoppers and sellers alike.

Content Staging and Preview

With Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1, you have the helping hand needed to think that extra step ahead. The ability to preview and schedule content such as updated products, categories, descriptions and sales is supported by a new timeline dashboard which visibly lays out exactly what is happening with your site and when these changes will take place. Sales and promotions can be easily handled with functionality to set both a beginning and end marker for time sensitive content.

On top of this, these proposed changes can be viewed amongst your team simply by sharing links to previews of proposed updates and scheduled content for greater communication, cooperation and decision making.

PayPal Enhancements for Streamlined Checkout

Enterprise Edition 2.1 sees PayPal improvements including the implantation of PayPal In-context Checkout. The addition of this feature means that potential buyers using PayPal can do so without navigating away from your site and increase conversion rates by as much as 0.69%.

2.1 also provides a place for safe and secure storage of card details in the form of PayPal Saved Credits Cards, perhaps the peace of mind that both you and your customers are looking for. Inputting all of the information required for credit card transactions can be bypassed without compromising the privacy of details and enabling quick purchases can result in increased trust and sales.

Braintree and PCI Compliance

PCI compliance is vital and 2.1 gives you a way to simplify this inflexible regulation. Hosted Fields give Braintree the power to obtain payment details from your site directly and enables you to qualify for simple PCI compliance.

Although this may sound like you are giving the control of your site away, individual fields which accommodate design will not be impacted and the checkout experience and conversion rates are still fully in your own hands.


Elasticsearch is included in Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1 and is a very powerful tool/feature to help turn intrigued searchers into paying buyers. You have a lot of control over it too and you’re able to set your own stop words, synonyms and weighting to ensure visitors find exactly what they are after.

It can work at both ends of the stockpile section too. Whether you have very few, or thousands of products available, Elasticsearch is fully scalable meaning it can grow as your business does, delivering immediate results.

Cloud Capabilities

The cloud is now almost necessity for much of technology and Magento realises this, making 2.1 available wirelessly. The Cloud Edition gives you a secure and scalable storefront built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and optimised for the ultimate performance. Cloud Edition lets you focus on brand experiences and usability without having to worry about the state of your e-tail store’s infrastructure.

2.1 gives you the ability to have your site in the best possible environment and offers a range of solutions including cloud, hosted or on-premises software.

Instant Improvements

If you’re looking for a way to optimise content, boost compliance and improve the checkout and overall efficiency of your eCommerce site, Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1 may have exactly what you need.

You could be witnessing immediate growth and of course, provide your clients with the platform they need to be able to take their shopping experience to the next level.

Magento will be hosting a webinar on 12 July 2016 at 3pm (GMT) where you’ll be able to see firsthand how new features like Content Staging and Preview can be implemented. You can also view the release notes for Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1 on the Magento 2 Developer Documentation website.

Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1 Webinar: https://magento.com/resources/magento-enterprise-edition-21-webinar

Magento EE 2.1.0 Release Notes: http://devdocs.magento.com/guides/v2.1/release-notes/ReleaseNotes2.1.0EE.html


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