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What Is PPC?

Pay per click, more commonly known as PPC, is a highly measurable and targeted way of driving more traffic to a website. It is a common form of digital advertising that protects budgets in the sense that you are only charged when a user clicks through to your site, hence the name.

PPC platforms such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads and social channels allow your ads to appear within search engine results and across the web. Which network and campaign types are best for you will depend on a number of components.

Search Ads

Search ads are adverts displayed within search engine results pages off the back of a relevant query. They are typically shown right at the top of the page, putting eyes instantly on your campaign. Appearing at the top of a page is often seen as a trust factor for searchers, giving them encouragement. Search ads can also display at the bottom of a results page, offering another chance before users click through to the next page.

Google Display Network

Google Display Network allows you to get your ads in front of people away from the search results. Not only that, they’re not confined to being a few lines of text. Display Network lets you make use of banner type ads on a variety of sites that focus on your intended market. You can even use animated and video type ads to get your message across.


Just because somebody exits a site without converting, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t interested. Remarketing plays into this idea and shows your ads to people that have visited your site and not converted. They can be implemented through a number of channels including remarketing lists for search ads (RLSAs), Display network and social media platforms.

Shopping Campaigns

Shopping campaigns offer eCommerce stores the chance to place shopping ads containing images, title and prices amongst other information.

This type of campaign often leads to higher click-through rates for online vendors as several key details have already been disclosed. Ads are matched with Google search queries using data from Merchant Centre, rather than keywords, meaning your product listings are seen by active lookers.

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Contact our team of Google Ads & Bing Ads accredited experts today to request a free initial PPC account audit and discuss your project requirements.

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Our Team

Google & Bing Accredited Professionals

Our team of online marketing professionals have specialisations covering a wide range of online marketing disciplines. This allows our marketing departments to work cohesively on client projects and deploy comprehensive strategies that deliver data driven results.

Each of our staff members are qualified in a wide range of Google and Bing certifications that ensure proficient knowledge in multiple areas of PPC, SEO, Analytics and more.

Kumo are one of the top 30 performing Digital Agencies in the UK as recognised by Google’s Elvator programme and our continued performance levels achieved to maintain our Google Partners status.

Google Ads Partner
Microsoft Advertising Partner

Campaign Development

PPC is a constant learning process. That’s exactly why we consistently monitor your account and make changes – based on qualified data – that can have a positive impact on ROI.

A variety of elements are taken into consideration in an effort to turn more impressions into more clicks, and more clicks into more conversions. Whether is landing page creation and tweaks, shopping feed optimisation, A/B split testing or anything else, data collected from these tests helps to craft and hone your campaign. This ensures the longevity of project success and provides key insights into your audience’s behaviour and preferences.

How Does It Work?

PPC ads are based on a number of factors. The most important of these being ad relevancy, quality and maximum cost per click (CPC) – a predetermined maximum amount you’re willing to pay for a click.

This model has proven to be a main attraction for a whole host of companies, providing them with traffic and conversion hikes almost straight away. Kumo works to ensure that your ads are set up to gain traction and clicks. Our expert insights have helped us to boost campaigns of many clients.


If you already have PPC campaigns and projects set up and in place, we would be more than happy to check them over. We offer a one-off consultancy service, primarily used by large companies looking for optimisation on strategy from search campaigns, display network and remarketing campaigns, to be carried out in-house.

Of course, we also offer monthly account management, ongoing campaign running and audit services. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements. You might even qualify for a free AdWords account audit.

Bespoke Campaigns

There’s no template for our pay per click services. Every client that comes on board with us gets our meticulous attention, enabling us to prepare and build campaigns that really are suited exactly to them. From local service-based businesses to national eCommerce stores, our team takes every effort to craft strategies that are consistently profitable.

Our specialties cover a number of paid platforms, such as text ads, products listings, remarketing, display network and social media advertising. Wherever your potential clients are, we can help you connect using carefully constructed messages that appeal to your potential audience.

Comprehensive Research

You should never go into advertising blind. One the primary factors for projects is research. It highlights terms, products and services that people are actively searching for, the competition involved and priorities. It generally forms the backbone of your entire campaign. Getting it wrong can result in poor performance.

Kumo performs research based on your business needs and requirements. We find the keywords to go for and the keywords to exclude. After all, clicks coming through that are in no way related to anything you still cost you money.

eCommerce PPC

Pay per click campaigns offer eCommerce retailers an ability to get their products in front of digital consumers. There are a number of avenues to be taken advantage of including search campaigns, display network, product listings ads (PLAs) and remarketing. Whether you’re using Magento, Shopify, or any other vendor-related platform, we can help.

Our team is based in-house meaning we can collaborate on ideas on maximising eCommerce transactions through any number of specified paid advertising mediums. From integration and feed optimisation to Certified Shops and Merchant Promotions, we have a proven record of delivering measurable results when it comes to eCommerce PPC.

Social Media Campaigns

It wouldn’t be too farfetched to say social media is a huge part of many people’s daily lives. Travel journeys, waiting rooms and homes witness a great deal of social media activity every single day. This could potentially be offering you another way to appeal to potential customers and clients, targeting customers going about their normal lives, without being invasive.

Targeted and qualified leads and demographics are all in play. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have millions of registered users and the number of ads being viewed and converting has drastically increased over the last few years.

Budget Management

Without the right management, PPC accounts can burn through budget without you even realising. No remaining budget means your ads aren’t going to appear – even if people are specifically searching for your products and services. Whether you have a daily, weekly or monthly budget to adhere to, you’re in safe hands with the team at Kumo.

We proactively take measures to ensure that your ads are only shown for relevant queries and can target them using a number of factors such as device type and geolocation. We can even take a deep look into your data and trigger ads for specific days and times, depending on when you witness the most conversions.

Request a Free PPC Account Audit

Contact our team of Google Ads & Bing Ads accredited experts today to request a free initial PPC account audit and discuss your project requirements.

Request a Free PPC Account Audit


“Kumo have been fantastic for A1 Comms, our leads from SEO & PPC have vastly improved over the last 3 years”

Tonia Baldwin, Sales Director at A1 Comms.

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