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You might have heard of a ‘bespoke’ website, but where you know and understand what a website is and how it can benefit your business, you might not be aware that a website can be bespoke. In this article, we’ll go through what the word ‘bespoke’ actually means, together with why you need one.


What is the definition of ‘bespoke’ & what is a bespoke website design?

The Cambridge Dictionary states that there are actually two different definitions of the word ‘bespoke’. The first being something that is “specifically made for a particular person, organisation or purpose”, for example “a bespoke suit or shirt”. The second meaning that the CD gives is “making and selling products or providing services, especially for a particular person, organisation or purpose”, citing the following example: “a bespoke tailor/shoe maker”. 

Essentially, something that is bespoke is tailor-made when used in this content. A website is made specifically for a business, because they’re unique in what they do and what they offer. Even a business that sells the same goods and/or services will be different from one another and a bespoke website will highlight those differences whilst capturing the voice, brand and values of that company. This is why a bespoke website is something that every business should consider as it sets you apart from the competition.


What are the benefits of a bespoke website?

There are several different ways in which you and your business can benefit from a bespoke website design, especially when it comes to unique content and colour schemes. Now that you understand what a bespoke website is, here are a few reasons as to why you should give them a chance for your own company:


It captures your brand & values seamlessly

As already touched upon, a bespoke website is something that can be used to capture everything your company stands for. No matter your brand, your values or the message you want to convey, a bespoke website and a unique design is an excellent way of putting across that to your customers and website visitors, almost effortlessly. This is something that a digital marketing agency will be able to do for you, with as much or as little input from yourself as the business owner.


It can be designed to meet your individual goals

When you have a bespoke website that has been made by a digital marketing agency, such as us here at Kumo, you’ll be able to tell us everything you want to convey on your new site. From the years of experience you have to the awards you have won, we can make sure it’s clearly displayed on your bespoke website. This is something that would be far more difficult to achieve with a standard website that doesn’t provide the option to tailor the design to the needs of your business.

You have more control over everything

With a standard website that doesn’t offer the possibility of tailoring your website design to your business, it can be difficult to have control over what goes on there and how everything is laid out. It leaves you open to spam, such as irrelevant advertisements, for example. With a bespoke website design, especially one that has been made by a digital marketing agency, you’ll have far more control over what is displayed on there. You’ll also have the option to add or remove website pages and when needed. 


It’s better for SEO

A bespoke website design will allow digital marketers the opportunity to implement sterling SEO tactics and methods, such as the SEO specialists we have on hand here at Kumo. A website design that can be easily altered also makes it simple to maintain, which we’ll get onto in a moment, but it also makes it straightforward for SEO to be implemented. SEO is paramount for appearing high in the search engine results pages (SERPs), making it far more likely that website visitors and prospective customers will be able to easily find you and your bespoke site online.


It can be monitored & maintained regularly

A bespoke website design allows for those who have created your tailor-made site to constantly monitor it for issues, bugs, hackers and spam. This helps to ensure the site speed remains consistent and impressive as well as to protect it from being compromised, in whatever form. This gives you peace of mind that your bespoke site will always be up and running and available for customers to find and scroll through. This is yet another reason why a bespoke website would be advantageous for your business.



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