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It’s that festive time of year again and that gives us the perfect excuse to crack some marketing jokes that could, quite easily, make their way into a Christmas cracker. So pick up your hot chocolate, put your feet up and get ready to throw your head back in laughter at some of these cheesy marketing jokes.


1. How many marketers does it take to crew in a lightbulb?

None – they’ve automated it


2. Why did the marketer decide to get off the trampoline?

He was worried about his bounce rate


3. Why did the marketing couple decide not to get married?

Because they weren’t on the same landing page


4. What is a pirate’s favourite piece of marketing content?

A webinAAAAAR!


5. Where’s the safest place to hide a body?

On the second page of Google


6. How did the bad marketer get a new job making butter?

He had a high churn rate


7. What do you call the landing page for a travel agency?

A destination URL


8. What do copywriters use to wrap presents?

White papers


9. Why did the Cookie Monster apply for a marketing job?

He heard they were tracking cookies


10. Why can’t marketers see live musicals?

They keep trying to capture the leads


11. Why did the marketer dump their partner?

There was a lack of engagement


12. Why did the marketer fail at honey harvesting?

Instead of tapping the hive, they went B2B


13. Why did the ghost’s marketing campaign fail?

Because people could see straight through it


14. How did Yoda get his first lead?

He used his Sales Force


15. What’s the marketer’s favourite animal at the zoo?

The inbound Lynx


16. How do marketers get rid of houseflies?

Using a SWOT analysis



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