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Pinterest has always been a popular platform, since it was founded in 2009, according to PinGrowth. Whether it’s in the middle of summer or at the end of the year, Pinterest has a lot to offer the user and, in most cases, the users are businesses who are looking to increase their leads and sales. 

What better time to do this than Christmas? The benefits of Pinterest aren’t widely known, but they can be used to your advantage, as a business, particularly over the festive period. That’s why we’ll be discussing those benefits in this article. Read on to find out how Pinterest could be useful this Christmas.


1. A picture speaks a thousand words

Pictures are far more engaging and attention-grabbing than text alone. This is why articles are often accompanied by photographs and images, either as a header, as a feature image or throughout the copy itself. People use Pinterest as inspiration for design, mostly, so you need to make sure that you’re featuring imagery on your own Pinterest boards that is bright, colourful and in-keeping with your brand and the theme. 

The more eye-catching and attractive your imagery is, the more your followers will be drawn in and, therefore, will want to recreate it. How can they do that? By buying the products you’ve featured. This tactic reaps dividends further down the line, especially during the Christmas period.


2. It gives customers festive inspiration 

You might be thinking that Pinterest is only really another advertising platform, but you’d be mistaken. It’s not just a way of exposing your goods and services to the world, but it actually acts as encouragement for your followers to give you their custom. Pinterest is used by millions for inspiration, whether it be for some ideas on how to decorate their house over the festive period or how to set their table for Christmas dinner, people look to it for many different things, including presents. 

There are some quirky gifts that can be found on Pinterest that you won’t find anywhere else on the highstreet. If you are selling something that would make the perfect Christmas gift, then use Pinterest to advertise it to your target audience. You’ll then increase leads and, as a result, improve sales, and all through the use of Pinterest.

3. You’ll be able to reach a conversion-ready audience easily

We’ve already touched on this briefly, but turning impressions into visitors and visitors into leads isn’t easy when you’re starting from scratch, but with Pinterest, this it’s pretty much set up for you already. People who are following you on Pinterest are doing so because you’re interesting to them. The same goes for those who are searching for terms that will bring up your goods and services. 

It’s not a generic platform, it’s one that’s tailor-made for both the customer and the business. This is why you’re left with a conversion-ready audience. They’re already on the cusp of making a sale, so it’s your job then to make sure that they do convert from a lead to a sale, especially at Christmas. 

It can be difficult at this time of year because everything becomes so competitive, especially with Black Friday and Cyber Monday at the back end of November. But you need to have the edge, and if you have Pinterest, and are active on it, then you’re more modern and relatable than a brand that doesn’t use Pinterest.


4. Pinterest has a high success rate when it comes to leads & sales

It is proven that Pinterest is useful for increasing leads and sales, especially around the festive period. According to Pinterest Business, 60% of shoppers on Pinterest discover new brands and products at Christmas. This makes it the perfect marketing tool for businesses across the world who are looking to maximise their leads and sales. 

Not only is Pinterest an effective marketing resource, but it’s also modern and not used by everyone, which is what could give your business the edge over your competitors. If you have Pinterest and are using it to your advantage, then it could make the difference between your customers sticking with you or going to your competition.



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