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In a move that could possibly see many businesses and websites gain more from their data, Google has begun rolling out its new and improved analytics tool, Google Analytics 360 Suite. In their own words, the suite is “a set of integrated data and marketing products, designed specifically for the needs of enterprise-class marketers.”

Of course, Analytics has been around as a freemium service for over a decade. Revamps and redesigns are not a new thing so what exactly is so special about 360 Suite?

Paid vs. Free Analytics

There has always been a premium version of Google Analytics available. Most small or medium companies and websites however do not really need it so much as the benefits are focused on amassing bigger amounts of data.

Analytics Premium came into its own when used with a bigger dataset though and gave users a real edge. Some of the more evident advantages were a much quicker analysis with no data sampling, dedicated support for all aspects of analytics including goals and configurations and guaranteed reliability.

From Premium to 360 Suite

All of those benefits haven’t just disappeared – they’ve re-emerged in the shiny, new Google Analytics 360 Suite. Equipped with three brand new tools and combining three pre-existing elements of Google Analytics, as well as a new, clean interface into one neat package, this could be the most important ever update to analytics.

The suite also comes packaged with plugins for Google’s other major offerings including AdWords. Touted as being able to help actions and improve insights, data and in turn customer experience, Google will be hoping that the world embraces its latest website assistance.

What’s New?

The new tools involved are all currently in beta stage but if all goes to plan, expect them to be rolled out worldwide very shortly.

Optimise 360

Aimed at providing engaging customer experience, Optimise 360 allows for testing personalised visits for each visitor tailored to the demands of both the business and the client. Traffic can be monitored in real time and impact from any changes and behaviour patterns can be witnessed immediately.

Audience Centre 360

Audience Centre 360 is a data management platform with the intention of collating and organising data effectively and suitably. With this established information comes the ability to identify key audiences using all of your statistics thanks to full integration with AdWords and DoubleClick allowing smarter and more efficient marketing.

Data Studio 360

A multitude of information can be a bit of a headache when it is all in one place. Data Studio 360 revolves around presenting data in an easy to read and see format. It includes a number of collaborative tools for teams such as shareable charts and graphs creatable with an editing interface.

What Else Is Involved?

On top of these new features, three familiar tools have been rebranded and made available as part of Google Analytics 360 Suite.

Analytics 360

Google Analytics Premium is still around but with a new name. The traditional features stay wholly the same offering content and product analysis and evaluation as well as continued support from experts.

Tag Manager 360

Google Tag Manager has been incorporated into the new and revised toolset and continues to enable adding and updating website tags quickly and easily. They can be used for conversion tracking and remarketing as well as conversion tracking and Google and third-party tags play a pivotal role in this new suite.

Attribution 360

Adometry has been rebranded as Attribution 360 in the shakeup. It still focuses on effectively keeping a cost-effective budget for advertisers and marketers and helping to boost return on investment.

What About Free Users?

Users of the unpaid version of Google Analytics will probably see little or no changes as the Analytics 360 Suite is a pay to use service aimed at very large sites. Whether that remains the case in the future remains to be seen.

Premium Analytics carries a quite hefty £90,000 per year price tag but there may be some sort of revision to the pricing structure to reflect the new suite and tools. This will hopefully allow smaller sites to get hold of at least some of the new features and put their data to work and provide business benefits that can really make a difference. For full details of Google Analytics 360 Suite, visit the website: https://www.google.com/analytics/360-suite/.


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