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The landscape of the shopping world has changed over the last few years. In a buck against the traditional trend, online shoppers are going against the age old browsing sessions and acting swiftly to snap up products they desire. According to Google Analytics, each mobile shopping trip is now 7% shorter than in the past yet there has been an increase of 64% in purchases. It may be somewhat of a prediction or assumption at the minute but expect your online customers to scrap hours of shopping in favour of purposeful and speedy bursts – especially with the festive season closing in.

With this in mind, Google has introduced new and helpful features to help you act on this and ensure that your campaigns are not taking a hit.

Optimising Your Bids With the Help of Remarketing Lists

The first of Google’s new features is the extension of remarketing in relation to shopping ads and local inventory ads through the use of shopping remarketing lists. What this entails is you gaining the ability to reconnect with valued shoppers the next time they visit Google for a taste of shopping. Let’s say for example, somebody has placed products in their basket but backed out of the transaction, or a customer who has frequently visited your store, fire up Google for shopping, your remarketing list can alter your bids suitably to help reengage with customer who have shown past intent to buy with you. Obviously if you are aware of how remarketing works, you will be better equipped to create a remarketing list. To gain a better understanding of how remarketing operates, click here.

Gaining a Clearer Insight into the Products in Demand

You may deem it important to understand which items are being sought after both online and locally to your stores. Knowing this information can help you determine which of your products to promote above others. Google have implemented two new tools in an effort to assist you in making such decisions.

Google Shopping Insights

The brand new Shopping Insights tool gives you the capability to pinpoint which items are being actively hunted online. The toll enables merchants to find popular shopping searches and terms, scope their search volumes over time and check for varying trends between desktop and mobile users. It must be noted that at this time, the Shopping Insights tool in only available in US but expect this to shape the way vendors operate online in the future. The tool is clean looking and potentially game changing, take a look at it here: https://shopping.thinkwithgoogle.com/.

Google Merchant Centre Assortment Report

Using your Merchant Centre data feed, Google’s Assortment Report aims to find gaps in your stockpile in relation to current searches and clicks. For arguments sake, you run a footwear store. Google may tell you that you are not currently stocking the latest must-have pair of shoes which are being searched for in high volumes at that very time. Not only that, the Assortment Report supplies you with suggested selling prices for new stock based on competitors, aiding you in both sourcing the product and setting the price for a customer. Keen to know more? For further details visit the “About the Assortment Report” page on Google support.


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