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It’s that time of year again. The time where we gather round our dining tables on Christmas Day, eat great food and pull some crackers with some cheesy jokes inside. But I can guarantee that no one will find the following jokes more funny than a digital marketer. They’re all worthy of a spot inside the Christmas crackers that adorn our tables this year. You might have noticed, however, that we have done a part one of these Christmas cracker jokes last year, so for some additional Christmas chuckles, take a look back at those here. But for this year, let’s get into the laughs and giggles with some marketing jokes:


1. Why does the B2B marketing band only have backup vocals?

They’re having trouble getting qualified leads


2. How much does a hipster weigh?

An Instagram


3. What do SEO marketers serve at Christmas dinner?

Keyword stuffing


4. What do hippies and SEO’s have in common?

They love anything organic


5. Why did the marketer put a fence around her jewellery box?

She insisted on gating all of her assets


6. Why was the social media manager out of office?

He went on a company-wide retweet


7. How do you get people to notice you online?

You have to make an impression


8. Why did the boss sack the marketer?

Weak calls to action


9. Why do content marketers constantly feel cold?

They’re always surrounded by drafts


10. What’s a marketers’ favourite drink?



11. What can SEO and a chiropractor both fix?



12. I called my new dog Marketing

Everyday, he comes to me with a new lead


13. I hired an earthworm, a centipede and a millipede to do my email marketing

They’re really good at segmentation


14. I’m trying to get in shape, so I schedule a post on social media and do ten psh ups everyday

Already I’m getting buffer


15. I’m doing marketing for a cheese company

I’ve written blog posts and few grated assets


16. What’s a marketer’s favourite movie?

Web-Cast Away


17. Why did the marketer go to the farmer’s market?

To get some organic content

18. What does a content marketer see when they look at a set of twins?

Duplicated content


19. Why do marketers drive during rush hour?

Because they love the traffic


20. Why did the marketer get sacked as a tap dancer?

They wanted to be paid per click


21. What did the fisherman use to catch fish?



22. What sound does a marketer’s watch make?



23. Why do marketers watch standup comedy?

Because they love the impressions


24. What food do marketers hate?



25. How does a marketer look for buried treasure?

They use a meta detector



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