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With the festive season on the horizon, it’s only natural that businesses, influencers and social media users across the globe are transforming their feeds into ones that are filled with Christmas cheer and celebration. Regardless of your niche or the industry you work in, there will always be a social media post that you’ll be able to utilise which gives off the festive vibes all season long. So let’s look deeper into the social media posts you can make use of this Christmas.

1. Post some festive-themed short form videos

Short form videos are some of the more engaging pieces of content out there right now, especially with the rise and huge popularity of the likes of TikTok and Instagram Stories and Reels. They’re not only entertaining but they’re also attention-grabbing, and all of that can be experienced in the matter of a few seconds. It’s also a very effective form of marketing, which is something that should be utilised over the Christmas period. 

According to Martech Series, 93% of marketers who use it feel that it’s an essential tool when it comes to executing their content plans, whilst 86% of businesses consider it to be a strong marketing resource. You could post short form videos featuring some of your new products or items that would make great Christmas presents. You could also use it to advertise any offers you have on your products and/or services. 

The world really is your oyster when it comes to creating and sharing short form content, particularly videos. Just make sure that it has a festive spin on it so as to align your business with the competition, especially if they’re seamlessly taking Christmas in their stride. It might even be that you can get some inspiration from others who work in the same industry. What do their short form videos consist of? Competitor research is always valuable.


2. Create a carousel of Christmas pictures

Carousels are something that Instagram rolled out. Essentially, it’s one post but it contains several images that users scroll through, almost like turning a carousel. The only difference is that you cannot keep scrolling until you get back round to the beginning again. At the end of the carousel, you cannot go anywhere else, other than scrolling back through all of the pictures on the carousel to bring you back to the start. 

Carousels are hugely popular because it allows for those who are indecisive to post all of the pictures that they want to without compromising on what they really want to post. It adds diversity and variety to any Instagram feed, but it’s even more valuable for businesses, especially at Christmas. It allows you to permanently post about the Christmas products and/or services you have available right now.

But to make things more personal and to give your customers something to relate to, you could even put a carousel together detailing how you’ve decorated your office or workspace. Have you bought a real Christmas tree this year to reduce your carbon footprint? Post about it on Instagram in the form of a carousel. You could post the tree as a whole and then put some other pictures on there that show the decorations you have put on it. 

Have you received Christmas cards from clients? Post about it on your Instagram account in a carousel format so that everyone’s cards make an appearance and so that you can let them know that their kindness is appreciated. This is something that will set your business apart from any of your competitors, especially if they’ve only been focusing on sales and not on customer service, satisfaction or appreciation.


3. Ask readers to share in the Christmas magic

This is important in terms of engagement and getting the conversation going. You want your customers and followers to interact with you. Not only does this improve and build trust between yourself and your existing customers, but it also makes you seem more legitimate to prospective customers. What you should do here is to ask a question that is Christmas-themed, such as “what is your favourite Christmas tradition?” or “This or That: Christmas pudding or yule log?”. 

Something else you could do is come up with some elf names. For example, you could ask the question “what is your elf name?” and then post an image that allows people to find out what their elf name is. What you could do is gather up all of the letters of the alphabet and assign a silly name or word to it, then do the same again but with different names or words. 

Then ask your followers to take the first letter of their name, followed by the last letter of their name to give them an elf name. You should then encourage them to post what their elf names would be in the comments below the image. Anything that gets your customers to interact with you is a bonus, because it increases engagement but also puts a bit of festive fun in their lives. 

4. Utilise the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ theme 

The ‘12 Days of Christmas’ theme has long been popular with social media users and influencers alike, and one of the reasons as to why it’s so popular is because you can do just about anything to mark those 12 days. Whether you host 12 days of giveaways or post Christmas content for 12 days of the month, there is always something you can do that is both festive and great for SEO. 

The more regularly you’re posting to your blog, for example, the more positive Google will deem it, therefore boosting you up in the search engine results pages (SERPs). There are also benefits to doing the 12 days of giveaways idea, because to win a competition, people have to get involved. 

You should ask people to comment on posts or share what they see in order to be in with a chance of winning the prize. As we’ve already touched on, this is great for engagement and interaction. No matter which way you choose to celebrate it, it’s advantageous for you as a business and in terms of SEO if you take on the 12 days of Christmas challenge. 


5. Host a festive giveaway or competition

We’ve just talked about this briefly, but whether you turn this into a 12 days of Christmas thing or are just looking to do a one-off giveaway or competition to bring in the festive season, it’s a great way of gaining followers and increasing engagement and impressions. It encourages everyone to get involved, including those who might not have done otherwise but, in turn, they will learn more about you as a business and what you can do, thus resulting in an increase in leads and, therefore, sales.


6. Create a Christmas-themed Pinterest board

Pinterest isn’t for everyone, but it’s actually a very underrated tool. In fact, we’ll be publishing a Christmas-themed article later this month detailing exactly why you should start using the social media platform to improve your leads and sales, so keep your eye out for that one. But to summarise, Pinterest lets everyone know where your mind is at in terms of future plans and everything you have to offer. 

You’ll be able to pin images that have come from your own website as well as pin images that have come from other places, purely for inspiration. What you could do is create a Christmas-themed board that’s filled with images from your own site. Do you have a Christmas line of products you’re selling? 

Put them on a board on Pinterest as a form of advertisement, just be sure to make that board public. You could also curate some images that work as inspiration for your upcoming staff Christmas party. It shows that you’re with the times whilst also showcasing everything you have to offer your customers. Pinterest is a win-win, so it’s surprising that it’s not more popular with business owners.


7. Put on a Christmas quiz

Instagram is probably the easiest platform on which to do this thanks to the Stories functionality. It’s never been more simple to put polls, surveys and questionnaires out there to your followers for quick and honest responses. So why not do something fun for your customers and followers by putting on a Christmas quiz for them? 

It’s not only something that’s fun for them to take part in, but you’ll also find some joy in putting some questions together. It could even be something more simple, like a game of ‘this or that’. Essentially, you put two different items or scenarios out there and people choose one or the other based on their preferences. For example, you could say “this or that: turkey or ham?”, or “this or that: coloured lights or white lights”. The possibilities are endless.



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