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If your business is located in specific parts of the country, or even just one area, then you’ll be able to benefit hugely from the implementation of location pages. Whether you’re situated in one city or across several different continents, a local loading page will help to build organic traffic to your website, allowing people within the area to understand exactly what your business has to offer them.

According to MetaLocator:

  • 4 out of 5 consumers use search engines to look for local information and services
  • 88% of local business searches carried out via Google result in a call or visit within a 24-hour time period
  • 46% of all searches on Google are local searches
  • Searches containing the terms ‘near me’ and ‘close by’ rose by nearly 900% in the last 2 years


What are location pages?

Location pages, also known as city landing pages or service area pages, is a website page containing copy that’s focused purely around the local area and the services or products a business has to offer. A location page will be targeted at those who live in the area, or nearby, who are also looking for specific services or products to benefit from.


Why are location pages important & how do they boost SEO?

There are a number of different benefits associated with the implementation of location pages and they include the following:


It’ll boost mobile search engine rankings

According to MomentFeed, “85% of the interactions you should be having with customers are on third-party websites like Google, Facebook and Yelp” and local landing pages can help you to appear on those sites and search engines. The more visible these local pages are, the more people will see your company and what you have to offer which will also result in an increase of traffic and overall custom.


Attracting a wide number of local customers

Local landing pages help a consumer to find something they’re looking for within the area they live. Not only is this convenient for them, but it’s also beneficial to you, as a business. These local landing pages are one of the most authoritative places to find relevant information that’s being searched for by a prospective customer, bringing them straight to your website.

Location pages will also boost mobile visibility providing that your website is mobile-optimised and should also have a mobile-responsive website design to go along with it. There should be a landing page for each location you operate in and the copy should include Google-friendly syntax, microformats and links.

Geographic keywords, interactive maps, positive customer reviews and unique location-specific content and product descriptions will also help to improve your visibility online.


Helps to gain Google authority

A unique local landing page will help to increase authority on search engines such as Google and Bing, with that comes improved brand and company visibility. If you set up a local landing page for your specific locations, you’re letting Google know that each and every one of those pages is of equal importance.

MomentFeed found that “local landing pages are a search engine rank factor, and have at least 14% of influence over overall visibility”. In addition to this, Moz found that the aforementioned are to be even more important, coming in at 24% as opposed to 14%.

According to MomentFeed, “location landing pages play into search algorithms by showing that your websites contain pertinent information that searchers are looking for. Without them, Google might not know about your location in Seattle if your only official address online is for the headquarters in Minnesota”.


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