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Microsoft Clarity is a brand new, free-to-use analytics tool that has recently made waves in the digital marketing industry. If you’re looking for a helpful tool that’ll provide data on a number of different things across your website, then Microsoft Clarity could be the programme for you.

Despite how basic it appears, it’s actually a fairly robust, incredibly helpful tool that’ll help you to boost your website’s performance and enhance the users’ overall experience. So without further ado, let’s look further into what Microsoft Clarity has to offer.


What is Microsoft Clarity?

Microsoft Clarity is a new tool that you can use to measure your website’s performance data. As a free programme with a user interface that’s easy to operate and simple to navigate around, it’s a great way to analyse insights in a bid to improve how well your website ranks in Bing search results.

You’ll be able to see all of that information via a dashboard, making it easier for you to look through and analyse data and user behaviour. It’ll provide you with easy-to-read, basic data and information on interactions, sessions and engagements on your website. As well as that, Clarity has the ability to break website visitors down by country, device type, age and more, allowing you to further understand your audience.

As well as gaining additional knowledge about the people who visit your site and what they might be searching or looking for, it’ll also provide you with all of the information you need to improve your website, tailoring it specifically to the data results acquired when you use Microsoft Clarity. As a free tool, it’s surprising how much you’ll be able to do in such a short space of time.


Get insights into your website

By using Microsoft Clarity, you’ll be able to fully understand exactly what it is that leads people to your website over your competitors or vice versa in some cases. There’s also the opportunity, with this new tool, to uncover what it is your potential target audience is searching for, allowing you to see the steps they took to get to your website in the first place. 

If analytics and insight data is something you can see yourself being particularly passionate about, then you’ll be able to receive personalised messages, updates and notifications, allowing you to check your website’s data even if you’re on the go.


The SEO features available with Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity has a number of SEO features available for you to utilise effectively in order to improve tactics and strategies to gain more leads, increase engagement or even get more people to click on your website in the first place with the use of keywords and other key search terms.

Some of the SEO features available from Microsoft Clarity include the following:



  • Analyse domains, anchor texts and even referring pages
  • This will help you to decide which websites or pages to link to
  • You could link back to other pages on your site, including your blog, contact page or service page, to name a few
  • There’s the potential to link to independent, relevant websites, such as sister websites that you might also own and/or manage


Keyword research

  • Check the keywords, phrases and other search terms that your target audience are looking for online
  • You’ll also be able to see the search volume for each of the aforementioned things
  • This will enable you to include the most popular keywords and search terms in your website copy or even in page titles and subheadings


SEO reports

  • This will give you aggregated counts of all errors that it can find across your entire website once it has been scanned
  • Clarity will also give you the total number of errors found across all pages
  • This will allow you to sort all of the errors, or the majority of them, in order to make it easier and more enjoyable for your website visitors to navigate their way around your site


Site scanning or crawling capabilities

  • This will ensure that site audits can be done on demand, at the touch of a button
  • The tool will meticulously crawl the site and pick up on common technical problems that will likely be fixable with the correct knowledge and expertise


Session recording

  • All sessions you have will be recorded for your convenience
  • Microsoft Clarity will log things such as: mouse movement, where every visitor is clicking in and around your site and how far down they’re scrolling
  • These recorded sessions can be replayed and analysed at any point in the future
  • You’ll be able to see recordings that include data and information from some of your most popular pages
  • It will identify where visitors are going or is they’re getting frustrated with the interface


What about clickmaps and heatmaps?

Clarity will be able to see exactly where visitors to your website are clicking, making it easier for you to identify which areas of the site are most popular or where visitors are drawn to the most. You could then use this data to modify or improve your website depending on the user’s experience.

You’ll even be able to filter where the visitors are clicking, helping to have a more specific understanding of their behaviour when using different parts of your website. This will help to save time and increase productivity when analysing clickmaps and heatmaps in this way.

Although the functionality is rather basic, it’s extremely simple and easy to use, which could make the overall process more efficient. However, there are whispers of future updates becoming available which will eventually give you more options to play with, so watch this space.


To conclude

Microsoft Clarity looks to be one of the best, free-to-use applications in the industry when it comes to analysing demographics, visitor behaviour, keywords and site audit results. As previously said, we have since been promised several updates, so it might well become even more sophisticated than it already is. 

As far as free programmes such as this go, Clarity really does seem to be one of the best if you’re on a budget or simply wish to take advantage of a free tool that’ll help you to boost SEO, increase leads and improve conversion rates. Overall, it’s a handy programme that has a lot to offer.


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