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Christmas blog posts might seem cheesy around this time of year and, in some cases, very similar to each other, but they’re actually far more important than you might have otherwise thought. From building a rapport with your staff to generating a large amount of traffic that’ll help to increase leads, improve conversions and maximise sales, Christmas-themed articles will present you with a wealth of benefits and we’re on hand to discuss them!


They show that your brand is keeping up with the times, as and when things happen

Companies who fail to acknowledge the fact that Christmas has come around will often earn a name for themselves as a firm who is far too serious, regardless of the industry they’re in. No matter what, there will be a way to spin an industry-relevant article into something Christmassy. 

For example, let’s say you write content for a company who sells pots and pans, then you could spin an evergreen article such as; “Boiling or Steaming Vegetables: Which is Best?”, into something that’s more festive: “Should I Boil or Steam My Vegetables for Dinner This Christmas?”. The content will, generally, be the same as the article that could have been published six months ago, but you’re still in-keeping with the festivities, along with your competitors.


They’re fun for content writers to produce

Not only are Christmas blog posts fun for your viewers to read, they’re also fun for your copywriter to produce. It gives them a break from heavy, industry-relevant material whilst still being able to create quality content that is engaging and informative to read. It’ll also help your content writer to wind down towards the end of the year whilst still fulfilling their role. This, in turn, will help to build a rapport between yourself, as the business owner, and your employee.


They’re great for light reading

Christmas is usually the time when everyone starts to wind down at work and, as such, people are looking for some light, informative and engaging reading material. Whether they’re on the train home or are sitting in a coffee shop on their break, workers will be looking for ways to relax and light-hearted articles that are both fun and seasonally-relevant are often the best bet when it comes to that. 

This is often because Christmas content isn’t as heavy or industry-relevant as they are at any other time of year. To make your content even more readable and attractive to readers, make subheadings stand out and keep paragraphs to a minimum to help hold attention and increase engagement. Make it something that a user can simply flick through and read whilst standing in a queue for the latest Christmas toy release, for example.


They generate a lot of traffic around the festive period

This partly down to the number of lining opportunities that’ll present themselves. This is especially the case if the Christmas content that’s been produced is shareable. This way, you’ll be able to expose your article online in a number of different ways, including: in social media posts, through link building opportunities and on relevant, guest posting sites. Some shareable forms of Christmas content could include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • How to make Christmas decorations
  • Christmas recipes, either sweet or savoury
  • Christmas gift guides for him, her, partner, sister, brother, parents, in-laws etc
  • A list of Christmas activities the whole family can enjoy
  • Some Christmas hints and tips

Numbered lists tend to perform better in the SERPs, as well as for the generation of traffic. According to Better Marketing, if you add a number to your article title or headline, such as “Top 10 Things to Do in Nottingham at Christmas”, for example, it can generate up to 73% more shares than articles that don’t contain a number.



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