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When it comes to using Google Analytics, there are plenty of benefits to be had, especially if you’re looking to use it to your advantage when creating quality content. Whether you work in marketing or are busy running your own blog, Google Analytics is a great way of generating new content ideas. 

You might be wondering why it’s such a useful tool, especially if you’re not too fond of using these online resources to produce your ideas. If so, then you’re in the right place. We’ll be going through how Google Analytics can help you to generate new content ideas, so let’s dive right in.


1. You can create variations of your popular content

Google Analytics allows you to see the statistics of each piece of content you publish. Whether it’s a website page or a blog post, it will tell you everything there is to know about that content. From the bounce rate to page views, Google Analytics is essential when it comes to identifying your most popular content. 

You might think that your blog platform does this for you, displaying page views in a simple and easy-to-read way. However, Google Analytics goes one step further. It tells you every single related statistic about the content, allowing you to investigate your existing content even further and in a more analytical and critical way. 

What this allows you to do is to single-out your popular content, but it also helps if you’re wanting to purge your least-viewed or worst-performing content. Once you have identified the content that everyone is loving, you can repurpose it in many different ways. If it’s an article, you can take that and create an infographic on it. 

You could also write related blog posts, produce a video that surrounds the topic or record a podcast that’s directly related to that popular content. Seeing as you’re already aware of how popular that initial content is, you’ll be sure to reap the rewards if you touch on that particular subject or topic again in some form.


2. It allows you to collect the low-hanging fruit

Google Analytics can provide the information that you need to create content that is both popular and useful to people. Whether it’s an article or a video that details the topic, Google Analytics gives you the opportunity to harness keywords and phrases that are currently the most popular but with the lowest levels of competition. It enables you to get ahead of the game, harnessing that popularity before your competitors. 

This is a great tool from an SEO perspective, especially if you look at common keywords and their low competition levels. High-value, quality content is most likely to perform best in the search engine results pages (SERPs), and Google Analytics is something that can be used to produce that useful and valuable content. As well as producing new content ideas, this is a great way of enhancing your existing content in a way that wouldn’t be possible without the use of Google Analytics.


3. You can update existing content that is performing well

We have already touched on the fact that you can use Google Analytics to find the most popular and well-performing blog posts. But where you can use these statistics and information to generate new content ideas that surround an already popular topic, you can also use that information to update and enhance your existing content. 

You’ll find that if you tweak your content slightly, updating them with relevant and up-to-date keywords as opposed to keywords and phrases that were used years ago, you’ll soon see that blog post or article shoot up in page views and popularity overall. Again, this is a valuable benefit to harness, but it would be less possible without the use of Google Analytics to help generate new content ideas.

4. It ensures you’re creating content with keywords in mind

Google Analytics gives you the opportunity to find some of the most searched for keywords and phrases out there. No matter the subject matter or the topic you’re writing about, Google Analytics will provide you with the words and phrases you need to create useful and popular content, no matter the form it’s in. 

Whether it’s an article or an infographic, Google Analytics will give you the keywords that you should include in that content. Keywords are essential for ranking higher in the SERPs. Without them, your content will remain unseen and unread until keywords and phrases are, eventually, added. We’ve already touched on that side of things, but you can take old content lacking in keywords and update it accordingly using Google Analytics. 

However, the idea of using Google Analytics now is to avoid doing that in the first place. Where blog posts that are many years’ old will need to be updated accordingly, articles that are only a few months old shouldn’t need much altering if you’ve used Google Analytics to find and implement those keywords in the first place. Create content with keywords and phrases in mind, for SEO reasons. 


5. It gives you a new marketing skill

Something else you should think about when it comes to using Google Analytics for content creation, especially if you’ve never used it before, is that it gives you a new string to add to your bow. Being able to navigate Google Analytics and interpret the information it displays is a skill in itself, therefore giving you a new marketing skill to draw upon. 

It will elevate your copywriting game as well as give you some more knowledge and an appreciation of the tools that marketers use everyday to ensure that quality content gets out there to relevant internet users. You’ll be able to boast about it on your CV, but you’ll also be able to impress those in the office by showing that you can use Google Analytics for your own gain, as well as for the benefit of those who are searching for your content.



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