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What Does Your On-Site Content Say About You?

When companies are designing their websites, the focus is often on the look and functionality of the site, meaning that written content can fall by the wayside. But having minimal or low-quality written content on your site (or both!) can really limit the success of your site – or even have an actively negative impact. […]

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How to Write a (Good) Blog Post on an Unfamiliar Topic

As a digital marketer or copywriter, your job is to produce interesting, engaging content for the target audience of the website you are writing for. However, if you work in an agency, you’re inevitably going to end up having to produce content about something that isn’t your specialist area. Likewise, you might start working in-house […]

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Tools to Help You Generate Content Ideas

Content creation is not something that always comes easily to even the most creative types. Whether you’re a blogger, you work for a digital marketing agency or you’re part of a company’s social media team, there’s always that pressure to produce. Sometimes you have a bit of a mental block and there’s no shame in […]

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