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The face of marketing is ever-changing in this advancing, digital world, where the goal posts always seem to be moving. But marketing isn’t about finding one formula that can be used time and time again for years on end. Sooner or later, the method you’ve been using will cease to deliver the results you always expect. 

It only takes a change of trend or a new Google algorithm to throw a spanner in the works, so as we enter a new year, there are, of course, new techniques to try in order to be a more strategic marketer in 2024, and here are just some of the things you can do to make that happen:


Ditch low-performing campaigns

Metric analysation should be a constant task in your role as a marketer. It’s something that every agile marketing team will keep on top of, making it a daily job in order to keep an eye on exactly how content and campaigns are performing. If it’s not performing as expected, or very effectively, then stop running them. 

As marketers, we always ask ourselves what we have to do, and not think about the jobs we have done already. Take a look back and purge content and campaigns that clearly aren’t working. You could replace these campaigns with new ones or you could go back to the drawing board and come up with a completely new campaign that is more likely to be successful.


Deliver a great customer experience

There has been more of a focus on delivering exceptional customer experience, and this isn’t just something that’s coming up in the world of marketing. A recent study found that 73% of customers believe that customer experience is an important factor when it comes to purchasing a product or service. 

With those statistics in mind, why wouldn’t you shift your focus onto great customer experience as well as delivering a quality service? By providing a service that is helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and personalised, you will soon be recognised as a firm that puts its customers and/or clients above all else, thus resulting in increased customer loyalty and even an increase in leads and sales.

Stick to your marketing budget

It can be easy to get carried away with marketing tasks. Whether you’re creating content or running some analysis, when we’re in the zone, it can be tricky to stop, but this is where going over budget becomes an issue. What you should be doing for 2024 is keeping a close eye on the budget that you have, whether it’s a personal budget for your own company or a budget that a client has paid for. In addition to working within budget, you should also consider what that budget could include. For example, your marketing strategy won’t have the impact you want it to have without the following things:

  • Using the right software and programmes
  • Using the right channels to advertise on
  • Creating the right content
  • The allocation of funds to the right talents


Plan your content in advance

In 2024, you need to be organised when it comes to marketing. It’s a fast-paced industry where things are ever-changing, which is why it’s important that you have a plan in place. Something that’s important is that you’re creating a range of different content types and pieces, from videos and infographics to podcasts and articles. 

Think outside the box when it comes to content marketing in 2024. According to research, half of marketers are looking to use videos this year, with 33% of those asked sticking to traditional articles and blog posts, as a close second. Both of those content pieces are proven to have a high ROI. Other trends that offer a generous ROI include the following:

  • Short-form content
  • Influencer marketing (read about what influencer marketing is here)
  • Social media presence


Consider mobile optimisation

According to research, 50.48% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. This is a considerable chunk of activity that you could be losing out on, all because your website isn’t optimised for mobile. These statistics are set to rise in the coming years as technology continues to advance. With this in mind, shift your focus, as a marketer, to mobile optimisation and what a website page or content piece looks like on a mobile screen. Don’t forget, mobile devices can include anything from a mobile phone to a tablet, so don’t just focus on smartphones.



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