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Content marketing used to be used strategically, and simply, to set a brand apart from its competitors. Although, in this modern age, content marketing strategies are absolutely necessary for any business in order to spread the word about what it is they do and what they have to offer.

Many successful companies will have a meticulous content marketing strategy at the heart of their operations and valuable, relevant content is generally the key to connecting with and engaging your readers and prospective customers, and this is why content marketing is important.

But to help you better understand why content marketing is such an integral part of the digital age, we’ve presented you with the benefits that an effective content marketing campaign can offer you, helping to put your brand on the map as well as improve leads and engagement overall. 


Why is content marketing important for your business?

A successful content marketing strategy is all you need to drive your business to success in this modern, digital world. Here are some of the ways in which content marketing can help you, no matter what industry you work in:


It helps to improve and enhance brand reputation

Quality, relevant and informative content will help you to build trust and rapport with your readers and potential customers, and in a widely digital marketplace, this is absolutely essential. With trust and rapport, you’ll be able to enhance, retain and protect the reputation of your brand. Right now, content marketing is the quickest and most effective way of achieving that.

This is because, when prospective clients start to read your content, they’re already getting an idea of your brand’s image and personality through tone of voice and the formality, or informality, of the copy that you’re displaying. The more educational, grammatically-correct  and informative it is, the more they’ll trust you and the services and/or products you offer.

Keeping your blog or news page updated will also help to build trust as the information you’re presenting to your readers will be as fresh and accurate as possible. For example, let’s say you run a waste management facility and you want to publish an article about fly-tipping laws, then it’ll be as up to date as it can be at the time it was published. But if this article is the last one you uploaded and it’s five years old, people will be a lot less likely to trust the information you’ve given them.

Keeping up to date with blog posts will be much easier and stress-free if you employ a digital marketing agency to come up with ideas and write the articles for you – this is something our team here at Kumo can help you with, especially if you’re running a fast-paced, successful business.


High-quality, well-written content will help to influence conversions

Conversions are paramount when it comes to ensuring your company is as successful as it can be. According to Lyfe Marketing, there are a number of advantages to using content marketing to secure conversions and many of them can be backed up with the following statistics.

As of August 2020:

  • Conversion rates are six times higher when using content marketing strategies instead of other digital marketing services
  • In the USA, 61% of readers made a definitive purchase after reading recommendations included within a number of articles
  • Content marketing has improved leads for around 74% of companies surveyed
  • Video content ensures a significant increase when it comes to a return on investment (ROI), according to 72% of businesses who were surveyed

If you’re wanting to dramatically increase leads and conversions, then make sure you have a firm, concise ‘Call to Action’ (CTA) that’ll encourage your readers to take further action. Ask them to get in touch with you and include an internal link to your contact page. This will also help to keep them on your site for longer which will also aid in a higher ranking on search engines.


Content will improve SEO efforts, when optimised

Content marketing will help when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO). If you want to improve SEO efforts, then you must optimise the content you produce as it’s often considered to be one of the most effective SEO techniques out there right now. 

Essentially, the more pages and articles you have on your site the better as search engines, such as Google, will be able to index more of your content, making it even more likely that you’ll appear higher up in the search results. Although lots of pages won’t guarantee higher levels of site traffic, it will enable you to target and hit as many relevant keywords as possible.

Although, a generous amount of content will ensure that visitors to your site will stick around for much longer, which will also help to improve your ranking, as previously mentioned. Basically, balance is key to content creation and the more concise, relevant and engaging it is, the better.


Adding content to your site is an easy, cost-effective way of bringing in leads

Content marketing strategies are ideal for bringing in traffic, generating leads and boosting sales and it’s an incredibly affordable way to go about improving conversions. Where producing content can be quite time-intensive, it’s a very worthwhile and beneficial task and there are numerous ways in which you can get this done.

Digital marketing agencies, such as Kumo, will have a team of copywriters who specialise in the production of content, regardless of the topic or industry. If you’re limited for time, then this would be a cost-effective way to go about producing targeted, high-quality content that’ll also be hitting keywords and be fully-optimised – everything you could want in website copy.

A digital content strategy would also be worth drawing up (which will also be done by an agency if you choose to go down that road). Many businesses opt for monthly or fortnightly content to be published on their blog. But web page copy can be easily rewritten and restructured to suit your brand and get your message out there for everyone to see.

If you want content creation to be as effective and as affordable as possible, then the copy that’s being produced should be strategic in:

  • The topics you choose 
  • The types of assets you produce
  • Any promotional methods being used


Showcase your expertise through the content you produce

Consumers are only bothered about gathering certain pieces of information about your company in order to make a decision about whether or not to purchase products and/or services from you and most of what they want to know will include:

  • How much experience you have
  • Exactly what it is you offer
  • An example of the work you’ve done or detailed images of the products you sell
  • How to get a quote, if applicable
  • How to get in touch with you

This is your opportunity to show your potential customers exactly what it is you do and that you’re highly-knowledgeable and experienced in the field. This kind of information will often be what sets you apart from your competitors. This is where you want to mention any accreditations you might have, also. 

By making sure your prospective clients know and understand the aforementioned pieces of information, you’ll be helping to build up some trust between your business and the reader. By having well-written content on your site for everyone to see, people will be more likely to choose you over a competitor that displays minimal copy or streams of text that’s neither informative or relevant to the company or the subject at hand. 


Visitors to your site want to see engaging content; and you’ll be giving it to them

When an internet user clicks on your website, they expect to see a decent amount of high-quality content that presents clear and concise information about what they can expect from your business. 

If you thought that customers no longer want to read a few paragraphs about your brand, the services you offer or the products you sell, then think again, because times have changed to cater for just that. 

You’ll be able to gather data that’ll help you to put the content exactly where it needs to be and this can be easily done using journey maps, user feedback, client persona and even vanity metrics. 

Not only will this help you to identify where content is needed or where it could do with updating, it’ll also enable you to draw up a detailed content plan that you know people will want to read and will find interesting.

Using the information you’ve then acquired, you can create content that is relevant to your target audiences’ needs, interests and challenges, but be sure to incorporate some of your brand’s voice and personality as this is just as important as displaying informative information. 


Relevant, informative content will set your company apart from your competitors

In such a busy, bustling digital marketplace, it’s absolutely imperative that you set your brand apart from the rest and that includes your competitors. Content marketing strategies will ensure that you can do just that. The topic you write about and the value your content holds will help a consumer to choose your business over your competitors’.

The right copy will provide you with the perfect opportunity to get your voice heard and your brand’s personality across effectively. This, in itself, will help you to set yourself apart from the competition in question and there’s a lot of that out there in this modern, computer age. 

Think about whether your brand is serious and professional, fun and educational or chatty and informative, among other things and tailor your copy accordingly. Once this is done, you can market your content in the correct way in order for that personality to shine through.


To conclude…

In a digital age, content marketing will always play an integral role in your business’ success. Not only will it help to boost visibility, but it’ll ensure a strong, trustworthy rapport is built between your company and your customers. The best way to do this is by publishing relevant, informative content that can then be marketed effectively to get the word out to as many people as possible.

If you really wish to understand the importance of content marketing, then the best thing for you to do is to put it into practice and our team here at Kumo will be able to help you along the way, no matter what industry you work for.


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