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In this digital age, it’s never been more important for your business to stand out from the crowd online. With so much competition in our midst, it’s imperative that your website makes an impression and, in turn, instil a sense of trust in your visitors. One of the main things at play there is how your website looks and performs. If it’s outdated, slow and lacks character, then the likelihood that a visitor converts into a lead, or even a sale, is slim. 

A website should do many things for your readers: answer any questions they might have about the company, answer any questions they might have about the products and/or services you offer and they should be able to see all of your latest offers and promotions. If your website isn’t doing any of that, then it’s time for a much-needed website redesign and Kumo are the ones to do it. 

We have over twenty years’ of experience in the digital marketing agency, so we know exactly how to bring your website into the 21st Century whilst still keeping it professional and reflecting your brand accurately. Here are all the reasons as to why you should have your website redesigned today:


It will make your website look modern

If your website is giving you Windows 95 vibes, then that’s a definite sign you should have it redesigned. Making it look more sleek, modern and in-keeping with your brand as it stands today gives customers more of an idea of what you’re about in present times. It might be that your website is twenty years old, but it also looks its age. Having it redesigned is one of the most cost-effective ways to propel your website into the spotlight. You’ll be amazed by what a bit of sprucing up can do for your leads-to-sales conversion rates.


A redesigned website will better reflect your latest brand

It might be that your site is many years old now; something you had done when you first started your business, perhaps. But with experience comes development and that development might have affected your brand as time has gone by. If you’re wanting to bring a different vibe to your company now, then it’s time to have your website designed. 

It might be that, some time ago, your brand was fun and new, but now you’re more established, you may want your brand to look more professional and in-keeping with the times of today. Whatever it is you want, you’ll be able to talk to our highly-skilled website designers who will redesign your website, making it bespoke to you and your business as it stands today.


It will help you to convert website visitors into leads & sales

We’ve already touched on this slightly, but it’s important that website visitors turn into leads which, in theory, will convert into sales. There’s no point in having a website that people simply look through and then don’t enquire about or undertake any of the services you have available or wish to buy your products. A good website should be seen as more of an investment for your business. As mentioned previously, a well-performing, modern-looking website will help to build trust between yourself and your visitor. 

A study by YouGov found that 75% of people asked said that they would gauge the credibility of a company based on how their website looks, how it feels and how it responds during their consumer journey. The same study also found that 94% of people, when asked, said they wouldn’t trust an outdated website.

Put yourself in their shoes; if you happened across a website like yours for a service you want to be carried out in your home, for example, would you go through them or find a different company with a more sleek website that is quick to load and is easy to navigate through? Judging by the results of the above study, I think your answer would probably be ‘no’. If this is the case, have your website designed to help increase the leads and sales you receive.


It ensures a seamless user experience

The YouGov study (above) found that the majority of people will judge the credibility of a company on the look, feel and responsiveness of their website. Essentially, they’re talking about user experience (UX). A consumer’s journey, from start-to-finish, should eb seamless. Everything should be quick to load and all links should work. 

There needs to also be a good amount of copy on each page, giving the consumer all of the information they could possibly need to know before making an inquiry with you. This shortens lead-to-sale times as they already have all of their questions answered and so instead of chatting to you on the phone, or in person, about everything you have to offer, all they’ll need to do is talk to you about booking your service or buying your product. 

From how fast your pages and images load to the tone-of-voice that follows through your content, it all forms part of the user experience. Here at Kumo, not only can we redesign your website, aesthetically, but we can also rewrite or write website copy from scratch. We tailor your content specifically to your business, with no two pages sounding the same. You’ll also find that this will help with SEO, which is something that’s needed to get your website in page one of the search engine results pages (SERPs). 

It enhances the experience for mobile users

Not all websites that perform well on desktop will perform well on mobile devices. If you have a website that’s dated, it’s unlikely to look great on a mobile or tablet. Not only that, but it might not be responsive at all. Most of the time, they’re incredibly difficult to read and can look pixelated if the user needs to zoom in on your content or images. By having a website redesigned into one that’s more modern and responsive, you’ll find that your website looks great on both desktop and mobiles.

But having a website that performs well on mobile is more important than you might think. This is because more people than ever before are surfing the net and doing their online shopping on mobile devices, often on the go. According to Statista, a whopping 60% of the global population used their mobile devices to go online in 2022, which equates to around 5 billion people. 

The Circular Board reported that, in 2020, 55.4% of consumers across the world purchased something online through their mobile device – a trend that’s only going to rise. So it’s never been more important to have a website that is fully-responsive and easy-to-use on both desktop and mobile devices.


It encourages more traffic to your website

We’ve already discussed this briefly, but it all comes down to SEO. A website that has high-quality content and has an overall positive view by people will perform better in the SERPs than a website that’s old and outdated with poorly-written or inaccurate content. If you choose Kumo for SEO services, we’ll often look at your website first, performing a site audit to see where the issues lie and where things can be improved. 

Often, site load speed is something that comes up time and time again and it can impact negatively on SEO results. Having a redesigned website will mean that all of the issues found with your old site will be rectified and we’ll subsequently perform regular audits and checks to make sure your website continues to run smoothly and perform well in the SERPs.


It provides an opportunity to update old content

Content is probably one of the most important factors when it comes to how well your website does. It can do a number of things: adds credibility, boosts reputability and enhances SEO results. One of the first things a website visitor will see is copy (the body of text found on your website pages). So it’s important that it’s high-quality, relevant and accurate. 

It needs to display the most up-to-date information as well as perfectly capture your brand. Where you might think that the best person to write this content is you, it’s actually better to hire the professionals. Kumo are pleased to provide content writing services, meaning that any and all copy will be written to a high-standard every single time. 

Our copywriters are highly-qualified in the field, so you’ll receive content that’s grammatically correct throughout and is specifically written with SEO in mind. Whether your content is old, too short or needs a complete rewrite, we’ll be on hand to help you – don’t be tempted to write your website page copy yourself, especially if you want your site to perform well in the SERPs.


It allows for website designers & developers to fix any onsite issues

All too often, many issues are found with outdated websites. Whether there be a multitude of broken links and error pages or thin copy and no keywords or phrases, there will always be something wrong with an old site, especially if little-to-no maintenance has been carried out on it. If you choose to have your website redesigned, then all of these issues can be fixed and prevented from happening again. Much of this prevention comes with ongoing maintenance and so, here at Kumo, we recommend paying a monthly fee so that we can keep on top of those problems, so you don’t have to. 



Kumo has over two decades of experience in the digital marketing industry, so we can always be counted upon to redesign your website, transforming it into a responsive, stylish site that’s easy to navigate through and reflects your business in current times. For more information about how we can help with your website redesign, whether you’d like it to look more modern, want to get better results from it or need content updating or completely rewriting, get in touch with a member of our fully-trained, specialist team of SEO, PPC and content writing experts – we’re always happy to hear from you.


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