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Content is an essential part of the online world. Without content, websites would be rendered useless and answers to some of the most asked questions wouldn’t be readily available. Good, high-quality content is what defines the digital age and it comes in a number of different forms, including infographics, articles, press releases, posters, micro-copy and more.

But with advancements in technology, will human Copywriters one day be replaced by machines or will the human professionals and robots eventually have to learn to work together in order to produce the content everyone looks to? 


Will robots replace copywriters completely?

This, most likely, isn’t going to happen. Even with the most state-of-the-art copywriting tools, there are limitations to what it can do mainly because it would be exceptionally difficult to engineer a robot that can perfectly mimic the creativity and personality that comes with a human writer.

While robots are a cost-effective way for businesses to produce and publish content, the quality and tone of voice will be exceptionally lacking and your readers would get that flat vibe. They won’t experience your brand’s personality in the same way as they would have if a human copywriter had produced your content instead.

The only way a robot would be beneficial to you is on the grammar and spelling side of things. It might even be able to produce an article consisting of 1,000 words and relevant information, but it would feel forced and stale upon reading back. 

There is another downside to this – sometimes, these robots collect too much information from elsewhere on the internet meaning you could end up with content that’s been duplicated or even plagiarised. In turn, this will negatively affect your rankings, pushing you further down the search results in the process. This is just another reason why AI is unlikely to completely replace human writers.


What can AI do for copywriters?

AI was never meant to take over the jobs of Copywriters, contrary to common, wide-spread belief. Instead, the tools that are produced have been designed to support and empower human writers in a bid to work alongside each other.

For example, there are programmes that’ll check your content for readability, tone of voice and even style. AI can check your copy for plagiarism or identify instances where your readers might be confused by what has been written.

A robot will also be able to take over the laborious tasks that Copywriters have to undertake each day. When they’re not creating content, Copywriters will have to do the following, but a robot will be able to take over the majority of the jobs:

  • Proofread – checking for grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Check for plagiarism – ensuring content hasn’t been duplicated
  • Edit the copy – looking for repetition or fixing sentences that don’t make sense
  • Format the content – ensuring H1s, H2s and H3s are in the right position and display the right information
  • Publish content – making sure articles go up on time or on a set date
  • Analyse data – looking to see how readers behave, including: how long they spend looking at the content, the links they click on, demographics etc


Can humans & machines work together to produce quality content?

The short answer here is that we have to. This modern age has presented Copywriters with a number of opportunities to enhance the content they produce, even if they believe it doesn’t need it. AI bots shouldn’t be looked at as a threat and more as a partner to guide them through the process and relieve them of tasks that are not as exciting as producing content.

Although robots cannot entirely replace a Copywriter, they can provide the support human writers need in order to improve the content they produce. As well as checking spelling and grammar, it can also scan the copy for duplicate content and even translate the content into a different language – something a lot of Copywriters can’t do, unless they speak various languages fluently. 


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