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Building connections and partnerships, as well as improving engagement and increasing an audience is essential for anyone looking to stand apart from the crowd. Whether you’re looking to catapult your business into the spotlight and stand out from your competitors or simply improve the amount of views your blog gets, there are ways to help with doing just that, including linkable content. So what is linkable content and why is it important to help you reach your goals?


Why is linkable content important?

Linkable content is important for many different reasons. Whether you write articles for an online newspaper or magazine, run your own blog or manage your own business, linkable content is helpful in a number of different ways, mainly because it can be so diverse and versatile, but more about that in a moment. Let’s first talk about why linkable content is so imperative.

Linkable content is important:


For building an audience

If your content is well-written, informative and relevant, then the people who have previously turned to you for information will likely come back to you again, creating a loyal audience and, if you run a business, customer base. Linkable content, however, will up your game even further because new people will be attracted to your content and you’ll likely see your monthly views and, possibly, leads and conversions skyrocket.


For SEO purposes

One way in which a larger audience can be reached is to implement SEO. When formatting your content for user browsing, it will be far easier for bots to crawl and determine whether or not it’s relevant, informative and valuable. This then ensures you appear higher up in the search engines results pages (SERPs). This then makes it more likely that people will click on your website, article or blog post.


The different types of linkable content you can create

There are several content pieces that you can create which will be more beneficial if you’re looking to build better backlinks. Some forms of content will work more effectively, in that sense, than others; but which ones, exactly? 



These are popular because they’re often short, quick to read and easy to follow. Essentially, these focus on facts, tips and trivia – niche information that someone would find particularly interesting. It allows the reader to learn something new and acquire new information in a very short amount of time. Because they’re so popular, they’re extremely successful if you link out to them, especially on social media.

Fractl and BuzzStream found that list articles are one of the most shareable forms of content out there. In fact, listicles were only beaten by infographics (which we’ll touch upon in a moment). So why do people find listicles so appealing? Here’s your answer:

  • They’re short and concise
  • They can be quickly scanned and new information is still acquired
  • They spark curiosity – they might try to guess what’s in the top 5, for example

Marketing agencies and copywriters alike also find them incredibly appealing to create. This is because they’re often easy to research for, quick to write, simple to share and cheap to produce. You don’t need fancy programmes and expensive graphic design techniques, all you need is the internet, Google Docs or Microsoft Word and some free time.


Visuals & infographics

Linkable content doesn’t have to involve long-form content or even any words at all. An infographic can be made using images alone, although some micro-copy would be useful if it’s the only content you have about a specific topic. Infographics are popular for much the same reason as listicles are – because they’re quick and easy to read whilst picking up new information along the way.

While they might not be as cheap or timely to make, they’re incredibly advantageous should you wish to drive traffic and increase engagement. Infographics perform exceptionally well on social media sites, so this would be the best place to link out to your infographic content.


Press releases

Press releases are essential for backlinks, especially if they’re coming from local or even national sources. Press releases have a specific purpose – to inform and update people. Things that might be shared in a press release include:

  • A big change to the company
  • The introduction of a new service or product 
  • The announcement of events, like fairs or community gatherings

Whatever it is the press release is covering, a reputable news source might wish to link to your content in a bid to ensure they’re giving out the most accurate information they can. Not only will this make the press release far more trustworthy as an informative piece, but it will also make it more likely that your content will be used for such things in the future as you’ll be considered reputable and reliable.



Guides are essential pieces of linkable content because they’re full of relevant information that can be found all in one place. A reader doesn’t have to switch from one site to another looking for the answer they’re looking for with a well-written guide. Guides can also be written about, more or less, anything.

This means that, let’s say someone has asked a question in an internet forum, then the answer could simply be a link to the guide you have written. By displaying your knowledge of the industry you work in or the niche you’re specialised in, you’ll be saying to the world that you’re truly an expert in your field which, in turn, builds trust between yourself, your business and your customers or clients.



Interviews with influencers, celebrities and even business directors do exceptionally well in the media. This is because people want to hear what these people have got to say about a certain topic. It’s a chance for personal opinion to outweigh informative content, but this depends entirely on the questions asked during the interview.

For example, you could ask a business director about a new building or department they’re opening. Their answer would be informative because this is new information for someone to read. However, if you asked them what they thought about a new department or an additional building that’s been opened for a specific purpose, then their answer would be an opinion rather than imparting new information to display in your article.

This article could then be shared across all social platforms and among others who work in the industry. It might even be of interest to your customers or clients as well as your employees. It might also catch the attention of those who have an interest in what you do, but that they’re not directly involved with. Either way, if your content is targeted and if it’s relevant enough, your interview will reach, and be read by, a lot of people.



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