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When it comes to business ownership, trust has to be the number one priority. If people do not like the look of your company, products or services then they might not be in a position to trust you even though you might well be offering the very best your industry has to offer. With this in mind, there are several ways in which you can build trust, specifically when it comes to your website and overall online presence.

First impressions are everything with regards to websites in this modern age and so therefore, it’s important that you grab their attention and gain their trust almost as soon as they land your website homepage. But how can you do this, exactly? We’ll be taking you through some of the most effective methods for building trust on your site.


Make sure your website is HTTPS secure

One of the most common ways of building trust as soon as you get an online visitor is to ensure that your website is HTTPS secure. If the HTTPS term doesn’t sound familiar to you, then chances are, your site is not as secure as you might think it is. 

Usually a green padlock will appear in the top left-hand corner of the website page, right next to the URL address. This is a clear indication that the site is HTTPS secure. This is one of the most effective ways in which you can build trust on your website.

Here at Kumo Digital, we’ll be able to work on your website to make it as secure and as smooth-running as possible, improving the user experience overall and building trust to a point where your website visitors won’t hesitate but to enquire about the goods and/or services you have to offer them.


Implement a ‘Meet the Team’ page

Everyone enjoys putting faces to names and voices and the same also goes for businesses, so much so that ‘Meet the Team’ website pages are among the most popular to be clicked on. The reason for this is simple – people want to know who it is they could potentially be working with. 

Putting a face to the name is a way for potential customers or clients to feel more comfortable. This means that your company will move away from being just a business to a business with more of a personality. Adding a ‘Meet the Team’ website page is a simple-yet-effective way of adding trust to your website and Kumo will be on hand to help you with that also.


Include company reviews & testimonials

Testimonials provide very valuable pieces of information to potential customers or clients. It will often determine whether or not a visitor to your site becomes a lead and then a client or customer of yours. Showcase your best testimonials and reviews for your visitors to read, proving that your products and services are second-to-none in comparison to that of your competitors. 

The most positive reviews and testimonials you have, the better. Again, here at Kumo Digital, we’ll be able to implement a reviews and/or testimonials page for you, helping you to display the very best your company has to offer.


Add links to social media profiles

A company with a few social media profiles helps to build rapport and relatability with their prospective customers or clients. Not only will these platforms showcase further reviews, but customers or clients who have been impressed with your work can publish photographs and short testimonials, tagging your company in the process. 

As a business, you could encourage your clients or customers to post pictures or write reviews, thus building up your reputation even further. Also, if you have a considerable number of followers on each network, this again adds trust.


Don’t hide any of your business contact information

There shouldn’t be any reason why your business would hide essential contact information. There are some basic details that you should be displaying on your website. At the very least, you should provide the following contact information:

  • A telephone number
  • A professional email address
  • A company registered address

A business that deliberately conceals this information could risk building distrust with website visitors as they might think that a company who does this has something to hide. In addition to this, having more than one method of contacting you will also help to boost trust and potentially even improve the number of leads you have. 

Giving prospective customers or clients different options when it comes to making enquiries means that they can choose the best contact method for them. For example, a customer or client may not feel comfortable calling you but they might be happier sending an email or even coming into your store for a face-to-face chat.


Have a clean, modern website design

Having a modern, up-to-date website that has a clean, simple design will help to build trust on your site. If your website is a little tired and looks quite old, then it might put prospective customers or clients off making an inquiry and simply because it might not look, in their opinion, professional.

The last thing you want to do is bring in a considerable amount of traffic only for it to be lost when they land on a site that they don’t like the look of. If you aren’t sure about whether or not your website needs to be updated, then ask the professionals here at Kumo Digital to restore your site back to its former glory.


Kumo Digital has a team of digital marketing experts at the helm of our operations. With SEO and PPC specialists on hand to ensure your site is seen by as many people as possible and content writing services to retain your brand and overall tone, you’ll always be able to count on us to improve your website and funnel leads. For more information about how we can help you today, get in touch with a member of our dedicated team – we’re always happy to hear from you.


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