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Social media is an affordable, effective way of creating and maintaining a platform for your business. It will work to expose your brand to, potentially, thousands of people, therefore generating leads and increasing sales. It’s especially important that you’re using social media to advertise your business, especially if you’re selling popular products or services where competition is high. Even if you don’t need that competitive edge, because your niche is so specific, social media will offer a wealth of benefits, when used in the right way. So here’s how you can create epic social media content that’ll catch the eye and grab attention.


Keep it short & concise

When people are scrolling through social media, they’re doing so at a rapid rate, most of the time. People will rarely stop to look at something unless it catches their eye. Once their attention has been grabbed, then they won’t stop for long to read a long social media post, regardless of the platform they’re using.

As such, you should keep your captions short and concise, yet attractive. You want to entice them in. Maybe you currently have a sale on and are wanting to get rid of last season’s stock, advertise it online to your social media followers. The caption could be something as simple as “shop our summer sale today” or “summer sale now on”. That, together with a bright, bold image would be enough to bring anyone to your website, even if it’s just to see where it is you’re based in the country.

Once a website visitor is on your site, they’ll be navigating their way around it to see what you’re about, together with the products and/or services you have on offer. If they decide that what you have available is what they’re looking for, you’ll generate a lead and possibly a sale.


Create & post infographics

As we’ve already touched upon, a concise caption together with a bright image will encourage people to stop scrolling through their timelines and pay attention to the colourful infographic you have created. Although infographics, as the name would suggest, are already informational, you should always accompany them with a short caption.

For example, let’s say you have an infographic detailing a step-by-step guide for jet washing a driveway, the caption itself could read something like; “Is your driveway looking old and worn? Jet washing can make it look as good as new, and here’s how”. The infographic will do the rest for you. Here are a few reasons why you should look to include infographics within your social media posts:

  • They’re informative
  • They’re engaging
  • They’re easy to follow and understand
  • They can be read quickly and easily

According to the Content Marketing Institute, infographics were, in the last four years, the most popular type of content marketing used for advertising among B2B marketers. With this in mind, infographics are highly-effective at drawing in traffic and so you should look to use them as much as possible, especially across social media.


Consider the differences between each social media platform

The way in which you use Facebook to bring in traffic will be different to the way you use LinkedIn to do the same thing. Each social media platform is different and they can all be used in conjunction with each other. When done correctly, they’ll be able to greatly complement one another.

For example, Instagram is very image-heavy so you could post some photos of some of your latest products, whereas Facebook is far more informational so you could use that to give more details on your newest product line. Most businesses will have Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as a minimum.

If you really want to keep up with the times, and if your niche allows it, then TikTok would also be a good way to go. TikTok would be ideal for those who offer a service as it enables users to post very short videos as opposed to images or text. Let’s say you’re a ‘Snagger’, someone who goes around new build houses checking for shabby workmanship, then you could post videos on TikTok that highlight how detailed and thorough you are. You can then save that video and post it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

These short TikTok videos work well because they are incredibly short in length, so people will stop scrolling and take a few seconds out of their day to watch the video you have made that advertises your services. Something else you should keep in mind if you have multiple social media accounts is the age of its users. Facebook users, for example, are older than those who use TikTok, on average. Data Reportal states that the largest group who uses Facebook are between the ages of 25 and 34, whereas those who are aged between 16 and 24 are most likely to use TikTok, claims Wallaroo.

According to the London School of Economics and Political Science, the largest group of people who use Twitter are between 18 and 29. The LSE also reported that 55% of Instagram’s users, the largest proportion of their users overall, are aged between 18 and 29, much like Twitter. LinkedIn, however, has the oldest users out of all social media platforms, with the average age coming in between 25 and 34 years old, states Statista.

You should keep in mind the ages of those social media users so as to put out the most appropriate form of content that’ll catch the eye of your audience. Something else you should keep in mind is your target market. You might own a nightclub located in a student-populated area, for example.

Students are typically between the ages of 18 and 24, according to HESA, so you need to ask yourself what type of social media platform they’ll be opting to use. If we refer back to the previous statistics, they’re more likely to have TikTok than LinkedIn, so focus your time and energy on platforms used by that demographic rather than by older users (over the age of 25).


Use bright, engaging colours

We’ve already discussed the benefits of using colourful images to catch a reader’s attention and that’s the same for everything, not just posting on social media. So use this technique to engage your audience and keep them focused on your content, even if it’s just for a few seconds. According to Transformation Marketing, it takes around 8 seconds to capture the attention of a social media user and one of the best ways to do that is to use images, photography and videography that’s bright and colourful.


Ensure your brand is kept consistent

Your brand is essential to the success of your business. It gives it a voice and a personality as well as something your customers are going to recognise as your company. If you feature your brand strongly in all of your social media content, in line with your website and, if you have any, store branches, then there’ll be no mistaking that your social media accounts belong to you.

Customers will know exactly where to go for all of the latest news and offers as well as just keeping up to date with your business in general. Let’s say you’re relocating, your social media followers will, most likely, be the first to know. As well as you’re posting helpful, informative and interesting content, your followers will grow in numbers and your rapport between yourself and your clients will also see an improvement.


Attach videos to your social media post

Watching a short video on the internet is far less trouble than reading streams of text, this is why many people have turned to TikTok to make captivating videos that are entertaining and short in duration. The good thing about this is that videos can be saved and shared across a number of different platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even LinkedIn.

When it comes to viral content. Facebook recommends, according to Hootsuite, that you keep your video at a duration of one minute or less, with ‘Stories’ being 20 seconds in length. However, that doesn’t mean to say that long-form videos perform worse than those that are shorter. The same article states that, for episodic web series, live streaming or developing stories, the video itself should be at least 3 minutes long.


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