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Around this time of year, content creators across the globe will be fighting to make their articles, infographics, videos and other pieces of content stand out from the crowd. So now is the time to give your everyday pieces of work a seasonal overhaul just in time for Christmas. But how can you do that, exactly? Well we’re on hand to give you a few hints and tips for making your festive content more prominent in this digital age.


Research the latest shopping trends

When the festive season draws in, everyone will be looking to complete their Christmas shopping in time for the big day. As the retail industry booms this time of year, now would be the perfect time to look at some of the biggest shopping trends. It might even be beneficial to look at previous trends in order to predict how the shopping trends will play out this year.

One way of researching some of the latest trends is by looking at what some of social media’s biggest influencers are promoting and go from there. Depending on the industry you work in, this could provide you with some unique insight and inspiration for the content you produce this December.

You could also scour all of the online shopping websites to see whether they have a segment specifically for best-selling items or services or for ‘popular right now’ products. This way, you’ll be able to tailor your content specifically to the items or services that people are actually looking and searching for online. Make your content as relevant and up to date as possible by researching the latest shopping trends.


Keep your content going, even after Christmas is over

Christmas shopping helps to bring millions of pounds into the retail industry, but Boxing Day and winter sales also generate a considerable amount of money and so your Christmas campaign should go on even after Christmas is over. You could rebrand your original campaign by replacing words like ‘Christmas’ with ‘Boxing Day’, for example. This way, you won’t have to spend hours working on a new advertisement, banner or social media post for use after the festive season.


Create a festive offer or seasonal giveaway

Christmas is considered to be the season where people spend the most money and so everyone will be looking to save money and acquire freebies any way they can so by presenting them with a new festive offer, such as money off a product or service, they’ll be quick to benefit from your generosity.

The same also goes for Christmas giveaways. Although this is a competition, someone will win a prize for free and so everyone will want to be in with a chance of winning it. You could make the giveaway even more attractive by not charging people to enter or, if you’d like to use this as a way to make some extra money, charge them a small amount of money – 50p to £1 perhaps would be highly-reasonable and you will end up getting more entrants this way than if you charge someone more money to enter in the first place.


Put a Christmas twist on your everyday content

A lot of people enjoy the Christmas season and so they’ll be more inclined to read festive content over everyday pieces. If you’re having trouble generating articles for Christmas, especially if it’s a niche industry or market that you’re writing for, then take one of your everyday article ideas and put a seasonal twist on it.

For example, you could already have had an article title for a material handling company that reads; ‘Winter Forklift Safety Tips’. You could change this generic post to something like ‘Forklift Safety: How to Stay Safe this Christmas’, instead. If you have more creative freedom, then perhaps you could share a festive recipe to try at Christmas or present some sustainable gift wrapping ideas.


Wish all of your clients a ‘Merry Christmas’

This simply lets your clients know that you’re thinking of them during the festive season and that you’re wishing them well for the new year. This is all part of the customer service you give them, which should be prevalent all year round and not just at Christmas. 

You’ll notice that both your customer satisfaction and customer retention rates will increase as a result of this added extra touch. So, with this in mind, it really is worth sending them a courteous email or even a card this holiday season.


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